In the beginning, God created a creature from the rib of the
 man He had previously created. Created and shaped by a Divine
Hand, this creature was exquisitely designed. The very first thing
noticeable about this creature was the big heart that it had. Though
 physically small compared to other organs, it had more capacity
than any other part of the body. It had regular beats of about
78 times a minute, and not a minute passed that it didn't contain
within its chambers enough love to hold any size family
within its walls.

Love seemed to flow out its eyes as it held the new born baby
 close to its breast and from that moment forward, this creature
would give its very life to protect this new offspring.

The creatures ears were acute and could hear the tiniest cry; but
 the most amazing thing was that it seemed to be able to hear even
the heart-cry of the tiny life that came from its own body. This
ability increased as the little one grew and began to appear to
 push away from its parent creature. Distance didn't matter;
somehow the creature just knew; that the now grown-up little
one had a crying heart and was always available with a shoulder
that just fit the head of the broken heart.

Love found its way down the body of the creature to its arms
which were always open with warm hugs to chase away the cold
 cruel world that invaded the life of the creature offspring. These
 arms could turn out pans of warm chocolate chip cookies, hot
chocolate or warm soup at any hour of the day or night to warm
the chill of the hurting one.

The creatures lap was just the right size to hold the little ones
 until they were big enough to hold the creature. When the lap
couldn't hold them any longer, the loving arms were always
available with unlimited, unconditional love.

Love found its way from the big heart to the creatures legs
which would run errands, provide taxi service, jump up when
one of its own scored a point at a game, stand in front of stoves
and turn out nourishing meals, run at the cry of its offspring, and
 just be there wherever that might be and whenever it was needed.

God sure did know what He was doing when He created this
special creature with the big heart full of love and gave it the
appropriate name, Mother!

Delores Adams
All rights reserved.

Delores wrote this poem for me so that I could
dedicate it to my mother, who recently passed away.
Thank you, Delores. :-)
My mother was
Mary Elizabeth Walker Weaks.
She was born in May, 1931, died in December, 2005.
We miss you, Mom, and Grandmother! Love Patricia,
Elizabeth and Grandchildren.

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