Beyond My Faults

There's a beautiful old song called, "He Looked Beyond
 My Fault And Saw My Need, "written by Dotty Rambo.
 The words to the song tell of the 'amazing grace' of
our Lord. All of us who have been rescued from the hold
of sin into God's grip of grace, should also have this song
 of praise in our hearts. Our Lord looked beyond our
faults and saw the needs in our lives.

He was a willing sacrifice, because of the need of mankind
for a Savior, and to bring new life, peace,
hope and joy. The words to the song below are a word
of testimony, of God's love for us.

"Amazing Grace, shall always be my song of praise,
For it was grace that brought me liberty
I do not know, just why He came to love me so
He looked beyond my fault and saw my need.

I shall forever lift mine eyes to Calvary
To view the cross, where Jesus died for me
How marvelous, His grace that caught my falling soul.
He Looked beyond my fault and saw my need."

It was truly God's amazing grace that rescued us,
because He is love. His grace brought
us liberty. We see how the Lord looks beyond faults
of those He ministers to and sees
their need. People see their sinful conditions which
 separate them from God as they
feel conviction of the Holy Spirit sweep over their
souls. The grace of the Lord extended
is still amazing and saving, to bring the lost out
of darkness, into his marvelous light.

In the story of the woman at the well, the Lord
 showed his mercy and revealed to her
life as only He could do. His purpose was for her to
 see and recognize her need for the
true living water of life. When she came to accept the
 Savior, her message to others was
to "come and see." She immediately became a witness
 of the Lord's salvation and grace.
Jesus made a difference in her life which she wanted to
 share with others. The promise which
he gave her of never thirsting again, is also for
His children today.

The Good Samaritan could have easily looked for
faults of the man who needed
help, as he saw him laying wounded, beside the
 road. Instead, he saw his need and was
not afraid to stop and help, as were the Priest
 and the Levite. The Good Samaritan looked
beyond the problem and offered help, as Jesus
 would do. This is to be our reaction to
the needs we see in people's lives today. Sometimes
 it is not easy to do this, but with
God's grace we are able to extend a helping hand
 and point others to the One who can
give them his amazing grace and salvation.

We are to evaluate things in life and judge actions,
speech, and lifestyles as right or wrong,
by having discernment. We are not to judge the
hearts of others as only God can do this
and always has righteous judgment. We make
decisions or judgments each day, as to
things being right or wrong. We decide which voice
 we will listen to, and also the path we will
walk in. We cannot judge others, as we do not even
know our own hearts, unless the Lord reveals
them unto us, as we seek His face. Jesus said his
 judgment was just, because he sought not his
own will, but the will of the Father which sent him.
 This is also the way we are to make judgments,
which affect our lives or lives of others.

It is the Lord who will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels
of the heart. Each day we grow in grace and learn to
 love, as the Lord loved us, by denying self,
taking up our cross, and following Him. We must
 never forget the grace shown unto us by the Savior,
when He looked beyond our faults, and saw our need. Without this grace, we would not have hope
for tomorrow, but because of His mercy and
 finished work; we have a blessed hope.

The future looks brighter and burdens are lighter,
with the Lord in our lives.
May we also seek to pray for the needs of others,
letting the Lord work in our
lives, as we are His hand extended to fallen man
on earth today.
We give thanks to God who "looked beyond our
 faults and saw our need.

Blessings In Christ,
Jo Ann Kelly
2006, 2005
J. P.'s Inspirations

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